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Children and Special Needs Adults

Special Care For Children 
At Arcadia Outpatient Surgery Center, we work hard to meet the special needs of children and create a relaxed, comfortable environment.  Children can bring a favorite toy or blanket to the hospital.

Please refer to the Before My Surgery and Day of Surgery for further tips, as well as the guidelines on this page for children.  Following these instructions may prevent delays or cancellation of the surgery.
Drink– Children over 12 months may have solids up to six hours before the procedure and clear liquids up to 4 hours before the procedure.  Infants that are 12 months and under may have formula and breast milk up to six hours and clear liquid up to four hours before the procedure.  Parents may also want to bring a bottle of formula/milk or juice (preferably apple) with them on the day of surgery.  
Parental Care – We require at least one parent to remain in the center during the surgery and recovery.  Please do not bring other young children along.

After Surgery – You will be able to be with your child as soon as he/she is awake and medically safe for transfer after recovery. 

Special Care For Special Needs Adults
We understand that loved ones who depend upon others for daily living require special attention.  Besides the guidelines in the Before My Surgery and Day of Surgery.

Consent – The legal guardian needs to sign the consent for surgery and anesthesia on  the day of surgery and bring a copy of the power of attorney.